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Modellbasierte Konzeption von Benutzerschnittstellen im Entwicklungsprozess von mechatronischen Systemen

Christoph Richter, Georg Hackenberg, Peter Stich and Gunther Reinhart

" Aufgrund der juengsten Entwicklungen im Konsumgueterbereich ruecken Benutzerschnittstellen (HMIs) zunehmend in den Fokus des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus. In etablierten Vorgehensmodellen der Entwicklung stellen HMIs jedoch lediglich ein Randthema dar, was die Realisierung intuitiver Bedienkonzepte erschwert. ..."

In Tag des Systems Engineering , 30 September 2015


manufacturing system user interface system engineering system design system verification system validation

Lightweight palm and finger tracking for real-time 3D gesture control

Georg Hackenberg, Rod McCall and Wolfgang Broll

" We present a novel technique implementing barehanded interaction with virtual 3D content by employing a time-of-flight camera. The system improves on existing 3D multi-touch systems by working regardless of lighting conditions and supplying a working ..."

In Virtual Reality Conference (VR), 2011 IEEE, pp.19-26 , 19-23 March 2011

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motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

An Adaptable XML Based Approach for Scientific Data Management and Integration

Fusheng Wang, Florian Thiel, Daniel Furrer, Cristobal Vergara-Niedermayr, Chen Qin, Georg Hackenberg, Pierre-Emmanuel Bourgue, David Kaltschmidt, Mo Wang

" Increased complexity of scientific research poses new challenges to scientific data management. Meanwhile, scientific collaboration is becoming increasing important, which relies on integrating and sharing data from distributed institutions. We develop SciPort, a Web-based platform ..."

In SPIE Medical Imaging 2008: PACS and Imaging Informatics , 16-21 February 2008


data integration user interface

SciPort: An Adaptable Scientific Data Integration Platform for Collaborative Scientific Research

Fusheng Wang, Pierre-Emmanuel Bourgue, Georg Hackenberg, Mo Wang and David Kaltschmidt

" Scientific data are posing new challenges to data management due to the large volume, complexity and heterogeneity of the data. Meanwhile, scientific collaboration becomes increasingly important, which relies on integrating and sharing data from distributed ..."

In 33rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB '07), pp.1310-1313 , 23-27 September 2007


data integration user interface