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Cyber-physical manufacturing system development: A test-driven design method and exploratory case study

Georg Hackenberg and Jakob Mund

5th International Conference on Mechatronics and Control Engineering , 14-17 December 2016

manufacturing system system engineering system design system verification system validation


Today, manufacturing engineering companies still struggle developing cyber-physical solutions. Studies suggest that inappropriate engineering methods dominated by mechanical design decisions and incompatible engineering tool landscapes are key problems that lead to isolated and potentially inconsistent specifications. To overcome the current situation, in this paper we propose a test-driven approach to cyber-physical manufacturing system design based on an integrated modeling technique respectively engineering tool called MACON. Then, we explore the applicability and potential benefits of the approach for an industry-close example. Therefore, we analyze empirical data about the development process collected during tool usage. The data indicates that test-driven development is applicable in principle to the cyber-physical manufacturing systems domain resulting both in early test specification at various levels of the component architecture as well as in early identification of design flaws.

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energy system system engineering system design system validation dynamic programming

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mechatronic system system engineering system verification system validation