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The TRANSP-0 framework for integrated transportation and power system design

Dominik Ascher and Georg Hackenberg

19th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2016) , 01-04 November 2016

transportation system energy system system engineering system design system validation


Increasing penetration of decentralized energy production as well as the propagation of new transportation paradigms such as transportation electrification, autonomous vehicles and mobility-on-demand will require interrelated key changes to current transportation and power systems. To diminish negative environmental impacts and achieve longterm sustainability, close integration between transportation and power systems is necessary and integrated planning, operation and control strategies have to be established. In this paper, we present TRANSP-0, a system design framework for rapid formulation and evaluation of design options within integrated transportation and power systems. Firstly, we present the TRANSP-0 design space in terms of the static parameters for integrated subsystem design. Secondly, we visit the dynamic properties of subsystem design by formulating the underlying optimal control problem. Thirdly, we establish the requirements to integrated control strategies in terms of objectives and constraints of the described optimal control problem. Finally, we conclude with an outlook on the future scope of the proposed system design framework.

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manufacturing system system engineering system design system verification