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March 05, 2017

A new zumida video is out on YouTube!

Now, that zumida has emerged into a mature platform, it is time to present the first public video. See zumida in action, from registration to content creation and automatic discovery.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

December 29, 2016

Explaining the new zumida dashboard

Recently I have been working on the zumida dashboard. The dasboard provides an overview of the information managed with zumida. From there you can dive into the information as explained in a previous post.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

September 28, 2016

The new zumida user interface revealed!

Some time ago I started working on a new version of zumida, a software for knowledge management, communication, and presentation. Today, I want to share two screenshots with you providing a peek on the new zumida user interface.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

December 17, 2015

A complete MaCon project in 4:30 minutes

The MaCon approach covers a wide range of engineering tasks for manufacturing systems, from requirements analysis, to system design, to component and system test. Understanding all aspects and their relationships is difficult, which is why I decided to produce another YouTube video showing a complete MaCon project in fast motion. Note that the video is based on a previous version of the MaCon tool, thus the graphical user interface looks slightly different than before.

manufacturing engineering user interface youtube video

December 02, 2015

MaCon YouTube Video

In the last days, I prepared a YouTube video demonstrating MaCon: A tool for consistent cross-discipline conception of manufacturing systems. The video explains the MaCon user interface and shows advanced features such as scenario-based testing and test report generation. The tool represents an integral part of my dissertation work at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen.

manufacturing engineering user interface youtube video

September 23, 2015

First mechatronics engineering workbench screenshots!

After three years of work I am happy to show you the first screenshots of the mechatronics engineering workbench. The workbench represents the core of my dissertation work.

manufacturing engineering user interface

July 20, 2015

zumida goes online!

I am happy to announce the launch of! We invented zumida to revolutionize corporate and public knowledge exploration. Check it out and give us feedback!

hyperkit software zumida knowledge management data visualization user interface

February 19, 2013

Model Visualization for Windows and Android

As part of our virtual smart grid testbed lab we have been working on an interactive visualization for our models including their structure and behavior. Here are first screenshots of the solution that has been developed by our students including minor enhancements and polishment after course end.

data visualization user interface

April 12, 2012

Introducing Timeline Navigation and Facebook Like

To improve the usability of my blog I worked on two new features: (1) The timeline navigation and (2) the Facebook like button. When reading an article, the timeline navigation allows exploring the remaining blog articles in chronological order. Instead, the Facebook like button provides information about how interesting a given article is for the community.

blog user interface

March 15, 2012

3D Multi-Touch Master Thesis

Due to the overwhelming response from the research community over the past 2 years I decided to put online my Master Thesis written at Fraunhofer FIT. I hope my experience will help at least a few researchers and enthusiasts to move forward with their approaches and technologies. Overall, this is my contribution to improving human-computer interaction towards a more ergonomic, inuitive and fun experience.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

July 29, 2011

Official 3D Multi-Touch Websites

Recently, two websites went online about the 3D multi-touch prototype that I developed during my Master thesis at Fraunhofer FIT. They serve as the public hub for getting information about the technology, the project, and the people behind it. This step is intended to foster collaboration and intensify exchange with the community.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

July 14, 2011

3D Multi-Touch with Computer Vision

Some time ago I was working on free hand 3D gesture interfaces similar to Microsoft Kinect. What this work essentially means is collecting digital camera images and constructing logic that is able to recognize hands and interpret their movement. For constructing the logic it helps to build comprehensive visualizations of the camera data and information that you calculate from it. In this article I show some visualizations that I used during my work.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

July 04, 2011

Fraunhofer Prize Award 2011

After finishing graduate classes at RWTH Aachen University I decided to go to Fraunhofer FIT, a non-profit R&D organization at the interface between science and industry, to work on my Master thesis in the area of computer vision, human computer interaction, and gesture recognition. This year my thesis was awarded the Hugo Geiger Prize at the Fraunhofer Prize Award 2011 in Nuernberg, Germany.

award motion capture gesture recognition user interface computer vision

June 30, 2011

Blog Cover Interface

In the previous post I demonstrated Animated Article Tiles, a new type of interface for blogs. One problem people had using the interface was that the images/titles did not convey enough information to decide what is interesting and what is not. Therefore I decided to take the idea one step further and provide fullscreen tiles with more textual contents indead.

blog data visualization user interface

June 29, 2011

Animated Article Tiles

In my previous posts Blog Calender Interface and Blog Timeline Widget I demonstrated how to use the time information to build navigation controls for blogs. In this article again I deal with blog navigation, however this time I exploit the images contained in the blog articles for building a tiled navigation interface.

blog data visualization user interface

June 28, 2011

Blog Calendar Interface

In my last post Blog Timeline Widget I demonstrated how to provide a timeline for navigating your blog posts. In this article I show a modified version of the idea where the timeline is transformed to a full-screen calendar. This way the previously used dots for articles can be replaced by thumbnails of the article contents carrying more meaningful information.

blog data visualization user interface

June 27, 2011

Blog Timeline Widget

The main purpose of a blog is to provide access to articles (HTML documents) organized by date. To reflect this idea I designed a timeline that visualizes the temporal activity on a blog and that can be used as a navigation at the same time. This post contains screenshots and a YouTube video.

blog data visualization user interface youtube video

June 22, 2011

Interactive Animated Sitemap

Last summer I had the chance to develop an innovative sitemap widget for the company Le-Tex, which was intended for use at the international book fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The result was a multi-touch capable cross-browser vector graphics and JavaScript based graph navigation control.

hyperkit software zumida knowledge management data visualization user interface youtube video

June 16, 2011

From Layout to Animation

In a previous article The Evolution of a Functional Prototype I demonstrated how to transform sketches into prototypes backed by database content and application logic. In this post I explore the options for animation of the user interface to provide smooth transitions between the displayed contents. This interface paradigm is for example used by Apple's products to deliver great user experiences.

blog user interface drawing youtube video

June 11, 2011

The Evolution of a Functional Prototype

In a previous article From Sketch to Prototype I illustrated the change from fuzzy whiteboard sketches to more structured and formal HTML prototypes. In this article I take the process one step further to arrive at a real functional prototype of the system backed by (exemplary) database content and Model-View-Controller (MVC) style application logic.

blog user interface drawing

June 09, 2011

Comparing Interface Design Options

Developing graphical user interfaces requires us to develop visual representations of information and controls. My previous article, From Sketch to Prototype, explained the evolution of one single idea from fuzzy drawings to prototypical implementations. This article illustrates the parallel evolution of multiple ideas followed by a natural selection process.

drawing user interface

June 06, 2011

From Sketch to Prototype

I have been long thinking how to reorganize my website to migrate from a pure blogging system to a more complete personal portfolio while keeping an original but intuitive interface design and content structure. This article shows a first draft of what the new page could look like and further explains the underlying development process with pictures and screenshots.

blog user interface drawing

Arpil 21, 2011

Research Group Seminar Winter 2011

Beginning of this week the research group I currently work at was going onto a two day seminar trip onto the country side south of Munich. Since we are a very large group the event was intended to present current progress in the individual domains and foster communication and exchange between the people. All in all it was a very interesting experience.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface slideshare presentation

March 24, 2011

IEEE VR 2011 in Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore to present the results of my Master thesis at IEEE VR 2011, one of the world's most prestigeous virtual reality conferences. It was a great week and I wanted to share some impressions both professional and personal with you!

conference slideshare presentation motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

January 27, 2011

3D Multi-Touch Product Vision

As you might know I was developing a prototype for 3D multi-touch interaction during my Master thesis at Fraunhofer FIT. Lately I had the chance to talk with a friend, Osca, about ways to build useful products around this brand new technology. What we came up with is a pencil sketch of the user interacting with a digital drawing table.

drawing motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

June 27, 2010

Master Thesis Video.

After finally completing my Master Thesis project at Fraunhofer FIT me and some friends took some time to prepare a demonstration video. The video is now available on YouTube for everybody to watch and comment. I really hope you guys enjoy it since we put quite some effort into it.

youtube video motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

May 30, 2009

HyperKit - A lightweight CMS written in PHP.

Recently, I helped a friend of mine who is starting his own business with his website. I searched for a lightweight content management system which provides enough power to support his use case. After having tried several options, I decided to implement my own software. The result: A lightweight CMS written in PHP which suites well for small to medium size businesses.

hyperkit software user interface

February 14, 2009

Entrepreneurship Lab Screenshots.

This term I participated in the lab for Entrepreneurship and New Media. The students were split into groups and assigned to an industry partner. Then, a software should be developed in cooperation. Here are the final screenshots of our solution.

user interface