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March 05, 2017

A new zumida video is out on YouTube!

Now, that zumida has emerged into a mature platform, it is time to present the first public video. See zumida in action, from registration to content creation and automatic discovery.

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December 29, 2016

Explaining the new zumida dashboard

Recently I have been working on the zumida dashboard. The dasboard provides an overview of the information managed with zumida. From there you can dive into the information as explained in a previous post.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

September 28, 2016

The new zumida user interface revealed!

Some time ago I started working on a new version of zumida, a software for knowledge management, communication, and presentation. Today, I want to share two screenshots with you providing a peek on the new zumida user interface.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

September 19, 2016

A tool for analyzing data from welding experiments

Some time ago a friend of mine, Prof. Gerard Wilhelm, asked me to develop a tool for analyzing data from his welding experiments. In this post I want to share some information about the tool, which we have developed in the following months. The tool is now running at the laboratory of Prof. Wilhem in Munich, Germany.

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March 07, 2016

The Hyperkit Software graph library in action

At Hyperkit Software we also develop JavaScript graph visualization algorithms. However, we focus on touch-based interaction and physics-based animation to make graph exploration intuitive and fun! In this article we demonstrate some sample graph visualizations producted with our technology.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida

December 21, 2015

JavaScript graph libraries: Cytoscape vs. Sigma vs. D3

Recently, I added tags to my blog posts and scientific publications. The tags allow me to connect my articles based on keywords and topics. I use the tags to improve the navigation between articles of the same subject. Also, I can exploit the tag information for advanced visualizations such as tag graphs. In this article I compare three different tag graph implementations based on three different JavaScript libraries: Cytoscape, Sigma, and D3.

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July 27, 2015

Hyperkit Software™ goes online!

I am happy to announce the launch of! We have been working on our software products over the past two years. Now we feel is the right time to go public.

hyperkit software knowledge management data visualization

July 20, 2015

zumida goes online!

I am happy to announce the launch of! We invented zumida to revolutionize corporate and public knowledge exploration. Check it out and give us feedback!

hyperkit software zumida knowledge management data visualization user interface

January 17, 2012

Managing Our Team Roadmap with MediaWiki

Recently, a few colleagues and I founded a working group around the topic of software engineering for future energy systems (also called smart grids). To coordinate ourselfs we set up a MediaWiki, which we use to access and edit a common roadmap. This article explains what our roadmap is and how it is implemented.

task management hyperkit software

January 11, 2011

Effective Task Management with Whiteboard and Stickers

At my new job alongside their PhD thesis everybody is involved in a number of research projects both public funded and with industry cooperation. In many situations keeping track of all assigned tasks in all assigned projects becomes an actual challenge. For some time I use a simple but flexible technique to record, prioritize and access all my tasks.

task management hyperkit software

January 05, 2012

JavaScript/SVG Tag Graph Interface

Here's another interface in the series of JavaScript/SVG interactive respectively animated prototypes: The tag graph. The idea is to display the article tags as a graph where connections indicate that two tags are used by the same article. Similar to traditional tag clouds the size of the tag name indicates the relative number of articles with a given tag.

blog data visualization hyperkit software zumida

June 22, 2011

Interactive Animated Sitemap

Last summer I had the chance to develop an innovative sitemap widget for the company Le-Tex, which was intended for use at the international book fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The result was a multi-touch capable cross-browser vector graphics and JavaScript based graph navigation control.

hyperkit software zumida knowledge management data visualization user interface youtube video

April 29, 2011

Personal Source Code Portal

Since I have been asked for the code behind some articles, I decided to put online a separate website for public tracking and distributing the software projects: Hyperkit Source Code Portal. The website is implemented by myself and runs a custom Model-View-Controller (MVC) technical architecture. I hope the website will help to foster the dialogue and generate new technology and product ideas.

hyperkit software

April 14, 2011

JavaScript Physics Simulation

Some time ago I was testing the capabilities of JavaScript and vector graphics toolkits such as SVG (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari) and VML (Microsoft Internet Explorer). One interesting test case was the animation and simulation of physical phenomena such as Newton's law of graviation and impulse. In this article I show results and explain the logic behind the scenes.

youtube video hyperkit software zumida

January 05, 2010

Ajax/PHP Distributed Event Bus.

How to synchronize the users of your web site or web application? How to propagate events from one browser or client to the next? This article demonstrates a first prototype written in Ajax and PHP which helps solving these issues. The basic ideas can be transfered to any language and platform.

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January 04, 2010

XML Template Engine using PHP.

After the success of JSP and JSP tag libraries in the Java world, I was searching for a similar mechanism in PHP. Since the search was not successful and I share a passion for doing stuff myself ;), I developed a lightweight XML-based template engine which allows the definition of tag libraries in a comparable fasion. The tag libraries are an easy tool for extending the functionality of the system using a component based approach.

hyperkit software

July 11, 2009

JavaScript Graph Layout using SVG.

Nowadays, it is not a simple task to integrate interactive graphs into Web applications. Graphs could be used in various ways from presenting overviews to presenting connections in data sets. Therefore, I implemented a simple prototype which achieves automatic graph layouting in Web pages using JavaScript and SVG.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida

May 30, 2009

HyperKit - A lightweight CMS written in PHP.

Recently, I helped a friend of mine who is starting his own business with his website. I searched for a lightweight content management system which provides enough power to support his use case. After having tried several options, I decided to implement my own software. The result: A lightweight CMS written in PHP which suites well for small to medium size businesses.

hyperkit software user interface

March 24, 2009

JavaScript 3D Engine Screenshots.

The history of me developing 3D engines for the Web goes back quite a while. It was revived after working at Siemens Corporate Research because they had the need for 3D image annotation on the Web. With some tricks, real-time interaction can be possible as well!

computer graphics hyperkit software zumida

March 21, 2009

Business Documents using XSL-FO.

Recently I faced the problem of writing a bill to a customer for which I did Web consulting and development services. I searched for a solution to automatically generate these documents with minimal effort. Finally, I decided for a template-approach using XSL-FO. In this article I demonstrate how to get the most out of this setup.

hyperkit software

February 22, 2009

Personal Study Management.

Over my past years of study, I developed a system for organizing my learning. It helps me staying focused and having an overview over my progress. In this article, I'll describe how it works.

hyperkit software data visualization