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October 02, 2015

Integrated transportation and power systems modeling

Here is another interesting piece of work I was doing over the past three years with Dominik Ascher: Integrated transportation and power systems modeling to help building cleaner and more efficient infratructures.

dynamic programming traffic control

December 18, 2013

Teaser: Smart Traffic Control

Besides our original topics such as distributed and smart fride control we have worked on another interesting issue: Smart traffic control. By smart traffic control we mean the distributed routing and acceleration of traffic participants such that traffic jams are avoided (plus other minor objectives). This article features a first peak on the results of our work.

dynamic programming traffic control data visualization

May 16, 2013

3D Trace Visualization

To better understand the behavior space and its heuristic exploration using our tool Xtream we developed a proprietary 3D visualization. The visualization shows all traces explored as well as their cost development over time. This article shows a first real example from our daily work.

dynamic programming data visualization

January 16, 2013

Guided Behavior Space Exploration

Previously, our results showed that we are able to generate high quality goal-oriented behavior for models including up to 20 components. This article demonstrates first results on scaling the exploration to larger problem spaces while maintaining result quality. The key behind the results is guided behavior space exploration.

dynamic programming data visualization

December 20, 2012

Machine Learning: Model and Trace

The machine learning approach is progressing: This article provides a glance into one of our machine learning models as well as behavior after training. The results mark the end of an interesting year of explorative research in the smart (energy) systems domain.

dynamic programming machine learning data visualization

November 23, 2012

Collective Learning - A New Approach

In the past weeks we have been working on a first prototype for collective learning. The idea behind the approach is to make individuals collaborate with respect to local and global behavior goals. First results on specially constructed problems are quite promising!

dynamic programming machine learning data visualization

October 17, 2012

Getting Closer to Actual Balance

After extending our models and testing our tool chain we finally get some results that are really close to actual balance. The results are an important step towards designing and implementing collaborating agents with common goals under critical environments.

dynamic programming data visualization

August 30, 2012

Meet EnergyCity - A Virtual Testbed for Smartness

To smooth the way for smart energy systems we have been working on a virtual testbed for deploying and testing control strategies: EnergyCity. This article shows a first video of the testbed including advanced 3D and regular chart visualization - all in the web browser.

dynamic programming data visualization youtube video

August 20, 2012

Using Energy Storage

After adding the powerhouse in the previous example we now integrate a model of energy storage components into the picture. This first study explores the behavior of the powerhouse and the energy storage with respect to solar energy and an array of 20 refrigerators. Obviously, the storage helps to reduce/delay powerhouse usage.

dynamic programming data visualization

August 17, 2012

Optimizing Powerhouse Control

To meet the hard power balance contraint the use of conventional power plants and powerhouses is probably inevitable even in a smart grid. For this reason we extended our system models by a simple powerhouse model that allows exploring and analyzing integrated behavior. This article demonstrates first results.

dynamic programming data visualization

August 14, 2012

Sample System Model (Graph Output)

To demonstrate the models we are working with here is some sample output from our tool. The engine transforms structural model information in a custom graph format, which is finally rendered by GraphViz. Notice though that we are dealing with a rather simple model here!

dynamic programming data visualization

August 10, 2012

True Emergent Refrigerator Behavior

We are moving towards larger scale problems! In the past we worked on modeling, optimizing and exploring behavior of up to 20 refrigerators. Computational boundaries prohibited dealing with larger problem classes. Newest modifications to our tool finally allow to scale up problem classes by a factor of more than 100.

dynamic programming data visualization

August 03, 2012

Visualization Studio for Systems Engineers

Seeing is understanding. This is especially true when engineering the structure and behavior of complex systems. Understanding whatever models you built is the first step towards trusting and improving them. To support model understanding we worked on a prototype for comprehensive model visualization. A YouTube video demonstrates first visualization results.

dynamic programming data visualization youtube video

July 16, 2012

How to Scale Refrigerator Powering Strategies

When it comes to an array of heterogeneous refrigerators, control optimization becomes a real challenge. In this article I demonstrate how a possible strategy could look like for an array of 20 refrigerators. Solar power is provided in form of a Gaussian with mean 1pm and covariance of 7 hours.

dynamic programming data visualization youtube video

July 13, 2012

Using Solar Energy to Power Refrigerators

Here are some recent results on using solar energy for powering refrigerators. In the experimental setup we study how to control the cooling process of 20 refrigerators with respect to the energy supplied by a solar plant. The study was implemented using our custom system modeling tool.

dynamic programming data visualization

June 19, 2012

Smart Grid Research Initiative

The last weeks my colleagues and I have been working on a website to promote our smart grid research and communicate with other researchers and practitioners from the field. We hope we were able to deliver an entertaining and informative experience which also carries our excitement for the topic and its unterlying scientific challenges for humanity.

teaching dynamic programming

June 11, 2012

Visualizing our Smart Grid Simulation

At ICSE I presented our initial model for simulating the smart grid including both physical and software components. To help developers analyse their systems we developed a visualization pipeline on top of the model. A first YouTube screencast demonstrates sample visualization output as proof of concept.

dynamic programming data visualization youtube video

April 19, 2012

Second report on smart grid simualtion.

We are not there yet, but we are making good progress! That's probably the message of this second report on smart grid simulation (see first report). This article shows a first screenshot of our smart grid simulation software. The software allows us to assemble arbitrarily large smart grid systems from a kit of components.

dynamic programming

April 16, 2012

Smart grid seminar started today!

Today the spring term started at the Technical University of Munich and so did our newly created smart grid seminar. The goal of the seminar is to teach young students about the area of Smart Grids and inspire them for their future academic careers. I hope in the coming months I can report good progress and interesting results.

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February 23, 2012

First Results on Smart Grid Simulation as YouTube Video

The last weeks my colleagues and I have been working hard on a basic simulation of a household with electric components and control software. We show first results in our latest YouTube video featuring weahter, user interaction, solar panels, a lamp and a refrigerator. The result is a show case for the direction we are working towards, i.e. large scale electric component and software simulation.

dynamic programming data visualization youtube video

February 13, 2012

Software Campus - A new academic excellence program.

To promote young computer scientists on their way to management or entrepreneurship a consortium of leading German corporations and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research have initiated a new excellence program called Software Campus. For the pilot phase eleven PhD students have been selected, including me. Here I give an introduction into the concept of Software Campus as well as a short report on what has happened so far.

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