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April 24, 2012

Software logo sketches with graphics tablet/pen.

In a previous article I showcased some logo ideas I created with Inkscape and Gimp. In the mean time I bought a Tablet PC with Stylus and discovered a little tool called MyPaint. As I would like to demonstrate in this article, this combination is great for logo sketching: It's fast, flexible, and sophisticated at the same time!


August 12, 2011

Promotional Smart Grid Videos

Currently I am working hard to understand ongoing efforts for revolutionizing the energy supply systems across the globe. In a recent article - a View onto the Energy System - I visualized my current understanding of the domain. In this article I want to point you to two short (< 5 minutes) YouTube videos that provide a nice overview of the domain.

youtube video drawing

July 25, 2011

A Mental Picture of Science.

Having worked for some time both in research and development and on my PhD, I started to reflect on my work to gain an observer's perspective. In this article I try to illustrate my current mental picture of the scientific process, which formed as the result of my reflections.


July 22, 2011

View onto the Energy System

Lately I got interested in the domain of energy supply systems for human society. It is currently one of the hottest topics all in politics, science, research & development, and economics respectively business. My particular interest is in developing software to support all current activities around energy systems from conception to verification to deployment to maintainance. In this first article I illustrate my current (limited) understanding of the energy ecosystem.


July 21, 2011

Artistic Exercises

Last weekend I was visiting friends in Berlin. Many of them work in the creative domain being photographers, journalists, and artists. It has been an interesting experience and a pleasure to switch from my technical domain and exchange with more emotional and cultural viewpoints. This article explains my position towards arts along two drawings.


June 21, 2011

Describing the Structure of Information

In a previous article I explained the basic Information Visualization Problem caused by the vast space of options for visual design. In this article I concentrate on an industry standard for describing/visualizing information structures of software systems (the Unified Modeling Language or UML). For a simple example the UML notation is compared to a more illustrative notation.


June 16, 2011

From Layout to Animation

In a previous article The Evolution of a Functional Prototype I demonstrated how to transform sketches into prototypes backed by database content and application logic. In this post I explore the options for animation of the user interface to provide smooth transitions between the displayed contents. This interface paradigm is for example used by Apple's products to deliver great user experiences.

blog user interface drawing youtube video

June 11, 2011

The Evolution of a Functional Prototype

In a previous article From Sketch to Prototype I illustrated the change from fuzzy whiteboard sketches to more structured and formal HTML prototypes. In this article I take the process one step further to arrive at a real functional prototype of the system backed by (exemplary) database content and Model-View-Controller (MVC) style application logic.

blog user interface drawing

June 10, 2011

The Information Visualization Problem

Inspired by my pervious post about Visualizing Software Systems I started to think about the more general problem of information visualization. The major difference is that information is more general than software, and so is the underlying problem. This article shows the effect of small changes to an illustration and discusses the pictures' content structure.


June 09, 2011

Comparing Interface Design Options

Developing graphical user interfaces requires us to develop visual representations of information and controls. My previous article, From Sketch to Prototype, explained the evolution of one single idea from fuzzy drawings to prototypical implementations. This article illustrates the parallel evolution of multiple ideas followed by a natural selection process.

drawing user interface

June 08, 2011

Visualizing Software Systems

One problem computer science has compared to many other technical disciplines such as physics or architecture is to create and communicate mental pictures of the problems and solutions we deal with in such a way that also non-computer scientists are able to understand the underlying principles intuitively. To illustrate this issue in this post I present three drawings of hardware/software systems each focusing on a different aspect of the solution.


June 06, 2011

From Sketch to Prototype

I have been long thinking how to reorganize my website to migrate from a pure blogging system to a more complete personal portfolio while keeping an original but intuitive interface design and content structure. This article shows a first draft of what the new page could look like and further explains the underlying development process with pictures and screenshots.

blog user interface drawing

March 27, 2011

Stick Figure Drawing Exercise

To improve my drawing skills recently I bought a book about stick figure drawing. Here is the result of my first exercise, but don't have too high expections just yet ;-). I certainly hope to improve a lot in the future, also because I think drawing is a great tool for communication.


March 10, 2011

Pen Sketches with MyPaint

For a long time I have been searching for a sketching program to use with my Tablet PC Pen during the development of software systems. Recently I discovered a little program called MyPaint, which is great for my purposes. In this article I share some sketches that I drew for evaluating the tool.


January 27, 2011

3D Multi-Touch Product Vision

As you might know I was developing a prototype for 3D multi-touch interaction during my Master thesis at Fraunhofer FIT. Lately I had the chance to talk with a friend, Osca, about ways to build useful products around this brand new technology. What we came up with is a pencil sketch of the user interacting with a digital drawing table.

drawing motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

April 06, 2009

Diverse Logo Ideas.

Since I haven't published any article for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to get some new work impressions out. Here are some logos I developed over the past 2 years, mostly for fun and not for any commercial purposes.


February 22, 2009

eLearning Course Project Sketches.

Here are some impressions from my last term at university. I participated in a course called eLearning. The goal was to teach us how to develop eLearning products systematically.