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July 03, 2012

Follow-Up on Denis' MSE Article

This is only a short/quick supplement to Denis' previous article about the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) colloquium. I uploaded my poster to show people some contents we presented and discussed with the other participants of the event. Hope you like it! ;-)


June 05, 2012

My SE4SG Presentation

I just uploaded my presentation slides for the SE4SG workshop to slideshare to give you the opportunity to review my talk. I hope everybody enjoyed the presentation and got some inspiration for their own research agenda from the things we are working on here at Technical University of Munich. At least, for me it was like that with the other talks.

conference slideshare presentation

June 04, 2012

SE4SG Workshop Report

Yesterday the ICSE workshop on software engineering challenges for the smart grid was held at the University of Zurich. It was a great event providing fertile ground for smart grid discussion at the computer science level. I hope for the development of this area of science and technology this event will carry on for some years.


May 31, 2012

Leaving to ICSE tomorrow!

The event is approaching: Tomorrow at 11:59 AM the train is leaving to Zurich, Switzerland, where the 34th International Conference on Software Engineering is held. Co-located with the conference is the first International Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid, where my colleagues and I published a paper.


April 05, 2012

Paper accepted for ICSE'2012 workshop on SE4SG!

I am happy to announce that my colleagues Maximilian Irlbeck, Vasileios Koutsoumpas, Denis Bytschkow and I successfully published a paper on applying formal software engineering techniques to smart grids at the ICSE'2012 workshop on software engineering challenges for the smart grid (SE4SG). The ICSE is the largest international conference on software engineering, a branch of computer science dedicated to systematic software development.


March 24, 2011

IEEE VR 2011 in Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore to present the results of my Master thesis at IEEE VR 2011, one of the world's most prestigeous virtual reality conferences. It was a great week and I wanted to share some impressions both professional and personal with you!

conference slideshare presentation motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface