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A new zumida video is out on YouTube!

March 05, 2017

Now, that zumida has emerged into a mature platform, it is time to present the first public video. See zumida in action, from registration to content creation and automatic discovery.

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The following screencast is the first public video of the zumida social mind mapping platform. In this video we demonstrate the following steps: (1)~Registering a new user on the zumida platform, (2)~creating content with the innovative zumida user interface, and (3)~discovering content with the zumida smart content discovery feature.

We hope you like the way we transform the idea of mind mapping with the zumida social platform! Mind mapping has never been more connected and more social than with zumida. Our mission is to transform mind mapping into a daily, social, and fun tool for everybody on the planet! Why? Because we love mind mapping. We use mind mapping ourselves. And we believe zumida is going to be great!

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July 14, 2011

3D Multi-Touch with Computer Vision

Some time ago I was working on free hand 3D gesture interfaces similar to Microsoft Kinect. What this work essentially means is collecting digital camera images and constructing logic that is able to recognize hands and interpret their movement. For constructing the logic it helps to build comprehensive visualizations of the camera data and information that you calculate from it. In this article I show some visualizations that I used during my work.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface

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Augmented Reality Framework Screenshot.

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computer vision data visualization

July 27, 2015

Hyperkit Software™ goes online!

I am happy to announce the launch of! We have been working on our software products over the past two years. Now we feel is the right time to go public.

hyperkit software knowledge management data visualization