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Explaining the new zumida dashboard

December 29, 2016

Recently I have been working on the zumida dashboard. The dasboard provides an overview of the information managed with zumida. From there you can dive into the information as explained in a previous post.

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The following screenshot shows the zumida dashboard after login. The dashboard consists of six parts:

  1. The list of active zumida topics grouped by last modification date (i.e. today, yesterday, this week, this month, etc.).
  2. A text input for searching the available zumida topics or creating a new zumida topic (when pressing the Enter key).
  3. The number of contents inside each of the zumida topics scaled with respect to the maximum number of contents per topic in each group and tinged with the topic color.
  4. The number of cross-references within and between zumida topics scaled with respect to the maximum number of cross-references per topic in each group.
  5. The name of each zumida topic.
  6. A button for archiving active zumida topics.

When clicking or tapping the name of a zumida topic you enter the explorer view explained in the previous post.

While typing into the text input for searching or creating zumida topics, the list of available topics is updated automatically as shown in the following screenshot. Furthermore, the search matches are highlighted inside the topic names.

I hope you like the new zumida dashboard! If you like, just try it out at I'd be grateful for any type of feedback.

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conference slideshare presentation