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The new zumida user interface revealed!

September 28, 2016

Some time ago I started working on a new version of zumida, a software for knowledge management, communication, and presentation. Today, I want to share two screenshots with you providing a peek on the new zumida user interface.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida user interface knowledge management

The new zumida user interface allows one to explore existing knowledge nodes and their connections (right side of the following screenshot). The visualization also includes a plus button for creating and connecting new knowledge nodes or for connecting existing knowledge nodes. Furthermore, delete buttons are provided for deleting connections bewtween knowledge nodes. Finally, the information contained in knowledge nodes can be edited directly (left side of the same screenshot).

When clicking the plus button, a text field appears for entering the name of the knowledge node, which should be connected (right side of the following screenshot). While typing the name of the knowledge node, zumida searches for and displays existing knowledge nodes matching the text input. Then, the user can press enter to create a new knowledge node and connect it to the original knowledge node. Alternatively, the user can click an existing knowledge node for connecting it to the original knowledge node.

I hope you like both the graphical style of the user interface and the behavior of the user interface. If you are keen to provide feedback, do not hestitate to contact me via email (i.e. or any other communication channel. zumida still is in development and I am open to suggestions regarding its functionality and appearance. If you like, you also can become a test user and registering at

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