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The Hyperkit Software graph library in action

March 07, 2016

At Hyperkit Software we also develop JavaScript graph visualization algorithms. However, we focus on touch-based interaction and physics-based animation to make graph exploration intuitive and fun! In this article we demonstrate some sample graph visualizations producted with our technology.

data visualization hyperkit software zumida

The first three graph visualizations are based on Wikipedia content. In the graph each node represents a Wikipedia page, while each edge represents a link between two Wikipedia pages. Furthermore, we extract for each Wikipedia page respectively graph node an icon representing the page content.

The second three graph visualizations are based on our custom content management system Infoterm (see Hyperkit Software for more information). The content management system allows one to create graph nodes with associated icon and rich text content. Furthermore, graph edges can be added easily between any nodes.

We hope that we have attracted your interest on our JavaScript graph library with this article. If you are seeking for intuitive and fun graph exploration techniques then we might be the right partner for you. Contact us any time via e-mail under Cheers!

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Personal Source Code Portal

Since I have been asked for the code behind some articles, I decided to put online a separate website for public tracking and distributing the software projects: Hyperkit Source Code Portal. The website is implemented by myself and runs a custom Model-View-Controller (MVC) technical architecture. I hope the website will help to foster the dialogue and generate new technology and product ideas.

hyperkit software

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Effective Task Management with Whiteboard and Stickers

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task management hyperkit software