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A complete MaCon project in 4:30 minutes

December 17, 2015

The MaCon approach covers a wide range of engineering tasks for manufacturing systems, from requirements analysis, to system design, to component and system test. Understanding all aspects and their relationships is difficult, which is why I decided to produce another YouTube video showing a complete MaCon project in fast motion. Note that the video is based on a previous version of the MaCon tool, thus the graphical user interface looks slightly different than before.

manufacturing engineering user interface youtube video

The video shows the complete modeling and simulation workflow for a (mechatronic) transport module or conveyor belt. The video covers everything from requirements over scenario, subcomponent, and behavior to (geometrical) part modeling. Four simulation runs are used to validate the model and to check the semantic consistency between scenario and system behavior. In the end a syntactically and semantically consistent (mechatronic) systems is produced, which can be reused in other engineering projects.

Note that this video just is another step towards explaing the ideas behind the MaCon approach in an entertaining and accessible manner. We are working towards improving the presentation constantly and your feedback is crucial on this path. Please help us by contacting us for example via e-mail ( We also can provide you with access to our recent papers and project information on the subject.

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June 05, 2012

My SE4SG Presentation

I just uploaded my presentation slides for the SE4SG workshop to slideshare to give you the opportunity to review my talk. I hope everybody enjoyed the presentation and got some inspiration for their own research agenda from the things we are working on here at Technical University of Munich. At least, for me it was like that with the other talks.

conference slideshare presentation

March 10, 2011

Pen Sketches with MyPaint

For a long time I have been searching for a sketching program to use with my Tablet PC Pen during the development of software systems. Recently I discovered a little program called MyPaint, which is great for my purposes. In this article I share some sketches that I drew for evaluating the tool.


July 14, 2011

3D Multi-Touch with Computer Vision

Some time ago I was working on free hand 3D gesture interfaces similar to Microsoft Kinect. What this work essentially means is collecting digital camera images and constructing logic that is able to recognize hands and interpret their movement. For constructing the logic it helps to build comprehensive visualizations of the camera data and information that you calculate from it. In this article I show some visualizations that I used during my work.

motion capture gesture recognition computer vision user interface