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3D Motion Capture Documents from my PhD Studies at EPFL.

April 27, 2012

Recently while browsing some folders on my hard disk I discovered relicts from my time in Lausanne, Switzerland. Somehow, for me this is an interesting and exciting view back into the past - into something I had almost forgotten. I hope you enjoy seeing these documents as well.

motion capture

I was working on tracking (human) motion fast and with high quality. We used a virtual skeleton and infrared markers.

The overall tracking problem could be split in a number of subproblems: Finding the configuration of the trunk, the hip and the shoulders.

To improve the workflow I created software models of the skeleton. For rendering I used POV-Ray.

Finally, I was working on an interface for testing the data structures and algorithms. First I created some scetches.

Then I implemented a prototype in C++ and Qt. The prototype was based on a custom C++ plugin framework.

In another article I might show you how the custom C++ plugin framework was implemented. It was actually a very interesting experience for me, as plugin framework design turns out to be a challenging task.

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January 05, 2010

Ajax/PHP Distributed Event Bus.

How to synchronize the users of your web site or web application? How to propagate events from one browser or client to the next? This article demonstrates a first prototype written in Ajax and PHP which helps solving these issues. The basic ideas can be transfered to any language and platform.

youtube video hyperkit software

July 03, 2012

Follow-Up on Denis' MSE Article

This is only a short/quick supplement to Denis' previous article about the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) colloquium. I uploaded my poster to show people some contents we presented and discussed with the other participants of the event. Hope you like it! ;-)


December 17, 2015

A complete MaCon project in 4:30 minutes

The MaCon approach covers a wide range of engineering tasks for manufacturing systems, from requirements analysis, to system design, to component and system test. Understanding all aspects and their relationships is difficult, which is why I decided to produce another YouTube video showing a complete MaCon project in fast motion. Note that the video is based on a previous version of the MaCon tool, thus the graphical user interface looks slightly different than before.

manufacturing engineering user interface youtube video